Riley Johnson
Maid of Honor
I couldn't be happier to have this beautiful lady at my side on my wedding day. I have known Riley since she was in the womb! I am 6 years older, so we went through the "big sister/little sister" stage. And now she is the best friend a girl could have. We have had many years of adventures together. Whether traveling to London and Paris or making a tent in our living room, this girl has been with me through everything. Riley is a senior at Spring Hill College where she is a Bedsole Scholar studying Public Relations and Advertising. Riley has been an intern in the City of Mobile Mayor’s Office and with One Mobile, is a Principal Dancer with Mobile Ballet, and was an Azalea Trail Maid. She is truly the sister I never had.
Olivia Ashurst Cockrell
Matron of Honor
Olivia is one of my dearest friends. I used to be one of her "teachers" at ballet, as I am 6 years older. Now that she is all grown up (and a fellow bride herself!) she has become one of my closest friends. She will be married on December 17, 2016, and I am so excited to be one of her bridesmaids. She is such a beautiful, classy, young lady with a heart of gold. Olivia is a Principal dancer for the Mobile Ballet Company, as well as a pre-med student at the University of South Alabama (aka super talented AND smart). I am so thrilled that we are each going to be a part of each other's special day.
Catherine Lyons
Catherine is a dear friend who lives just down the street. I have watched her grow from a precious little tot into a beautiful young lady. I am so thrilled to have her as a member of my bridal party. She is a sophomore at UMS Wright Preparatory School, and is currently taking way too many AP classes for me to possibly wrap my head around. She is also an INCREDIBLE baker and chef and has made some of the finest desserts my family has ever had. But most importantly, she is one of the kindest and loving people I know. I am so thrilled to have both Catherine and her younger sister Grace as my bridesmaids.
Grace Lyons
Junior Bridesmaid
Grace is a person who can put a smile on your face better than anyone. I have known her as long as I can remember, as she lives just down the street. She is in the 7th grade at UMS Wright Preparatory school and is very talented actress and singer. This girl seriously needs her own show. She is also one of the most creative people I have ever met. She can come up with a solution to any problem that people twice her age are baffled by. She is a beautiful young lady who can light up a room. I am so thrilled for Grace and her older sister Catherine to be a part of my Bridal Party.
Caroline Smith
Flower Girl
Caroline is the daughter of my beautiful cousin Emily. As you can see, she is absolutely precious. She is a big sister to-be and will be 5 years old at the time of our wedding. She is probably (along with our ring bearers) going to steal the entire show.